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Mock Tests

When you start to become a competent driver and we look to book your test, your instructor will give you mock practical tests during your lessons, providing you with the opportunity to experience practical test conditions first hand. We will be able to identify areas of concern and look to perfect your driving ability.

Show Me Tell Me

Before you start your driving test you will have an eyesight check. You should be able to read a number plate from a set distance and you will also be asked 2 vehicle safety questions.

The ‘show me’ section will entail demonstrating to the examiner how you would carry out a vehicle safety check.

The ‘tell me’ section requires you to explain how you would carry out another vehicle safety check.

For example, a vehicle safety check could include:

Identifying where the windscreen washer reservoir is and explaining how you would check the windscreen washer level.

Explaining how you would know if there was a problem with your anti-lock braking system.

Practical Test

Your practical test requires you to demonstrate the skills developed during your driving lessons. You will be expected to drive confidently and safely whilst encountering lots of different scenarios on the road.

The test lasts around 40 minutes and you will need to perform one of the 4 manoeuvres you have practised as well as a possible emergency stop.

During the practical, you will be required to drive without any serious or dangerous faults. Any minor driving faults will be recorded and you are allowed a maximum of 15 minors.

Independent Driving

Independent driving is an essential part of the test as it processes your ability to drive unaided and demonstrates how confident you are. You will need to drive on your own without assistance from the examiner. They will ask you to park up so that they may give you a set of three directions i.e.

1) Take the next right 

2) 2nd left

3) 3rd right

You may be given a destination to find and be asked to follow signs for that particular place e.g. the hospital. Any location you are given will be signed.

It could be that you receive a combination of the above to follow e.g. next right, 2nd left and follow the signs to the town centre. You may ask for the destination to be written down so that you know what signs to look for and how it’s spelt.

When you have completed each set of directions you will be given a new set to follow.

It doesn’t matter if you end up in the wrong place so long as you drive safely. 

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